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First Division Museum at Cantigny

1s151 Winfield Road
Wheaton, IL 60189-3353

First Division Museum at Cantigny

Paul Herbert, Executive Director 630.260.8225

Trina McGee, Admin. Asst. to Exec. Dir. 630.260.8185

Museum Operations Department

William Brewster, Curator of Collections 630.260.8220

JD Kammes, Museum Public Programs Manager 630.260.8187

Shane Keil, Collections Manager 630.260.8226

Jaron Keener, Exhibit Designer 630.260.8224

John Maniatis, Registrar 630.260.8231

Laura Sears, Volunteer and Program Coordinator 630.260.8237

Melissa Tyer, Museum Educator 630.260.8274

Chris Zielinski, Assistant Curator of Collections 630.260.8149

Robert R. McCormick Research Center

Eric Gillespie, Director of Research Center 630.260.8186

Andrew Woods, Research Historian 630.260.8223

Kate Kleiderman, Archivist 630.260.8221

Tracy Cirar, Librarian 630.260.8211

Mary Manning, Reference Librarian 630.260.8129

Department of Media

(includes Cantigny Military History Series, book sales and Bridgehead Sentinel submissions)

Gayln Piper, Director of Media 630.260.8130

Dave Blake, Graphic Designer 630.260.8234

Ana Myers, Media Design Associate 630.260.8256

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