Resource Packets

Primary Resource Packets for Teachers

Resource Packets include reproductions of photographs, newspaper articles, maps, letters, oral histories and other primary sources on a variety of topics. The packets also contain classroom activities for middle and high school students.

Teachers Guide to the MEH

The Teachers Guide includes a Main Exhibit Hall Overview, Pre-Visit Activities, a Quiz that can be filled out while on the tour and Post-Visit Activities.
To view and print the complete packet click here.

Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation about teaching the evolution of firearms.

American Revolution Unit

This resource contains a Unit Outline and Unit Content at a high school level but can be easily pared down for younger age groups. This unit also contains Visual Aids, Primary Resources, Projects and Activities.

Ottenfeld Letters from WWI

This is a primary resource compilation of 28 letters Max Ottenfeld wrote home to his family during his tour of duty as part of the American Expeditionary Forces during and after WWI. The letters depict his experiences, lifestyle and training as a soldier. The letters are to encourage deeper critical thinking about the war and a more effective understanding about the experiences of people during this time in history. Included with the letters are definitions of terms modern-day students may not know, a breakdown of the content of each letter with questions to review and generate conversation, and visual aids. Click on bulleted items below to view.

D-Day Packet

This resource packet is designed to provide primary resources for your classroom related to the invasion of Normandy, France, beginning D-Day June 6, 1944. It includes oral histories, letters, photographs, maps, newspaper articles and other documents related to the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division, who were the first US troops to land on OMAHA Beach. Click on bulleted items below to view.

Battle of the Bulge Packet

The multiple sections of this packet include a step-by-step explanation of the Battle of the Bulge and a specific explanation of the Battle at Butgenbach, which can be viewed as a microcosm of the larger event. Primary resources of quotations, journal entries, photographs and newspaper articles are also included. Additional aids include Medal of Honor Citations, biographies of major personalities involved, maps and an annotated bibliography. Click on bulleted items below to view.

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