Event Schedule

"Fall In!" Veterans Event

Thursday, September 18, 2014
2 pm - 8 pm

We hope your summer has been spectacular but now It is time to gear up for Back To School. September 18, 2014, Veterans "Fall In!"

This IS THE event to be a part of, join us and Register HERE to be a Vendor as we:

  • Rally - Veterans will mingle and network with other student veterans and make new connections!
  • Empower - They'll access leading veteran networks for academic, civic engagement, career and leadership resources.
  • Equip - Student Veterans will find info on how to maximize their military education benefits and best practices to unlock their full potential.
  • Enjoy - FREE Music, Food and Beverage

Or Register HERE to be an attendee, Do NOT miss out on this event

Incentive Info:

Great News, we have been able to come up with some Cubs tickets to games on September 2nd and September 17th. How do you get these tickets, well I am glad you asked.

  • The first 25 schools who can get 5 current, future or potential student veterans to register to attend the "Fall In!" by NO LATER THAN August 27, will receive 10 Cubs tickets to disseminate.
  • If vendors register by NO LATER THAN August 15, that vendor will receive two Cubs tickets to use or disseminate

So DO NOT miss out on being a part of the Biggest Veteran Back to School Event!

Please notify Riley Wright (rileymwright@gmail.com) or Paul Knudtson (pknudtson@nl.edu) if you have reached the deadlines so we may verify and send out the tickets. Have a wonderful day.

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