Collections FAQ

Q. How many objects does the museum have?

A. There are over 13,000 artifacts in our permanent collection.

Q. Do you have any Medals of Honor in your collection?

A. The museum has a Medal of Honor from the Philippine Insurrection, World War I, World War II and Vietnam.

Q. What is your most unique tank?

A. The only T26E4 prototype tank left in existence out of 25 made.
It is located in our Tank Park.

Q. What happens in the donation process?

A. Our donors are issued a receipt, then once a month the collections committee meets to decide if the offered donations are appropriate for our collection. If the donation is accepted, a gift agreement is sent to finalize the transfer of ownership to the First Division Museum at Cantigny. If not, the donor is contacted about either the return of the object or the transfer of it to another museum.

Q. Do you give appraisals?

A. No, our collection policy does not allow us to give appraisals. We suggest that the American Society of Appraisers be contacted for assistance.

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