Tank Park (Under Restoration)

Please Note

Our Tank Park will be temporarily closed for restoration until August 2017

Explore the area’s most complete collection of tanks and artillery pieces dating back from World War I to Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Touch, climb on and learn about our 11 tanks on display. The Tank Park also includes an Armored Personnel Carrier and two artillery pieces.

Restoration work is done to individual tanks yearly. In 2016, the museum will be working on all the tanks. The restoration is part of the larger redesign and reopening of the museum in August 2017. The process will begin with the M1917 World War I tank and moving down the path. Each tank will be cleaned, primed, painted and stenciled to represent the vehicle's time of service. The entire process will occur over the entire month of September and half of October. As work progresses, the tanks that have not been started will be open to the public. The M1 Abrams and all artillery pieces will remain open until the end of the season. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, this is a needed task that must be done. Generations of families have enjoyed these titans, we want to continue that tradition for many more generations.

M1917 Light Tank; WWI.

M5 Stuart Tank; 1941, WWII.

M24 Chaffee Tank; 1944, WWII through Cold War.

M41A3 Walker/Bulldog; 1950s, Cold War.

T26E4 Pershing Tank; 1945, WWII, Korea, Cold War.

M46 Patton Tank; 1950s, Korea, Cold War.

M47 Patton Tank; 1950s, Cold War.

M48 Patton Tank; 1965, Vietnam.

M551A1 Sheridan Tank; 1963, Vietnam.

M60 Patton Tank; 1970, Cold War.

M1 Abrams Tank; 1980s, Desert Shield, Desert Storm.

M113A2 APC; 1965, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Balkans.

155mm French Schneider Howitzer; 1917, WWI through WWII.

French 75mm Field Gun; 1897, WWI through WWII. Restoration in progress. Not currently on display.

M1902 3 Inch Field Gun, 1905-1917, WWI until WWII

We have an M4A3E8 Sherman Tank in the First Division Museum. This tank was used in WWII.

The French Schneider Tank inside the First Division Museum is a wooden reproduction.

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