Research FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Research Center

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to use the Research Center’s holdings?

A. It is highly recommended to call fist before visiting for research purposes. With prior notice, we can have one of our Research Services staff available to assist you, as well as to have research materials ready for you prior to your visit. The Research Center is open to the public, but the Reading Room may be closed on occasion due to various events. Please call the Reference Librarian at (630) 260-8129 to discuss your research visit.

Q. Who can use the Research Center?

A. Anyone! The McCormick Research Center is used by a wide variety of people who are interested in military history, the 1st Infantry Division and the life and times of Col. Robert R. McCormick.

Students and teachers use the Research Center for their class projects. Authors and scholars use the Center’s rich variety of primary sources for their published works. Media companies receive assistance from the Research Center in producing documentaries. The Center provides research support to the 1st Infantry Division and the Society of the First Division. Most importantly, our institution helps veterans and their families who are researching the combat history of the 1st Infantry Division or other military units.

Q. Do you have military personnel records?

A. No. The McCormick Research Center does not have the personnel files of those who served with the 1st Infantry Division or any other military units. Our holdings focus only on the battles and campaigns of the 1st Infantry Division and the US Army. Besides battle records, the Research Center does have other records such as strength and casualty reports, award citations and unit rosters.

Q. Does the McCormick Archives have old Chicago Tribune articles and photos?

A. No. The McCormick Archives contains only the personal, business and Tribune related correspondence generated by Col. Robert R. McCormick. The McCormick Archives also contain some of the Medill, McCormick and Patterson family papers. The Archives do not have the articles or photos that ran in the Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Q. Can I check out materials from the Research Center?

A. The McCormick Research Center is a reference library. All materials are to be used only in the Reading Room. Due to the unique nature of our holdings, the Research Center only loans items to other libraries through the Inter-Library Loan System. Your local librarian can check the Inter-Library Loan System to see if the Research Center has a book you are looking for and to see if it is available to be loaned out.

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