Research Fellowships

How to apply for a Research Fellowship

The First Division Museum at Cantigny will underwrite serious scholarly research based on use of the Col. Robert R. McCormick Research Center, the First Division Museum or involves 1st Infantry Division history. Fellowship candidates must formally apply to the First Division Museum at Cantigny. Applicants must show that their research is part of an approved undergraduate, graduate, doctoral or post-doctoral program in which they are enrolled.

Once selected, the Research Fellow must sign a memorandum of understanding with the First Division Museum at Cantigny. During the fellowship, the Research Fellow must submit a monthly progress report along with any re-imbursement claims for research related expenses.

Fellowships are provided either in kind or on a re-imbursement basis to defray direct research costs at Cantigny. This includes travel, local lodging and transportation. It also covers services and materials directly related to the research.

The selected applicant will:

  1. Conduct research at the First Division Museum &/or the Col. McCormick Research Center, at a date mutually agreed upon by all parties.
  2. Provide for own expenses incurred beyond the total re-imbursement established in the fellowship agreement.
  3. Abide by the rules and regulations of the First Division Museum and the Col. McCormick Research Center.
  4. Report in writing the results of research in a timely manner to the Executive Director, First Division Museum at Cantigny.
  5. Acknowledge the First Division Museum at Cantigny Research Fellowship in any subsequent public statements or publications relating to or supported by the Research.

To apply for a Research Fellowship, please contact:

Paul Herbert

Executive Director

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