The McCormick Research Center

The Colonel Robert R. McCormick Research Center

Consisting of the Military Library, the Military Archives, the McCormick Archives and Research Services, the Research Center is open to all seeking knowledge about the 1st Infantry Division and America’s military heritage.

The Col. McCormick Research Center is located within the First Division Museum at Cantigny. The Research Center’s Reading Room is open to the public and researchers.

There, patrons can access the thousands of books in the Military Library, documents and photos donated by 1st Infantry Division veterans in the Military Archives, and Col. McCormick’s personal and business correspondence in the McCormick Archives. Patrons can also send their inquiries by email, phone or letter to Research Services.

By visiting our page, you can access more details about the various aspects of the Research Center. The Center makes available to patrons information on general military history, the soldiers who served in the 1st Infantry Division, and the story and legacy of Col. Robert R. McCormick.

Let us help you with your research.

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